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Loveland Lacrosse Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Loveland Youth & Middle School lacrosse?

Loveland Youth Lacrosse (LYL) serves hundreds of boys in Loveland and surrounding communities in grades 3/4 & 5/6.  Loveland Middle School (MS) lacrosse serves local middle school players intending to attend and play lacrosse at Loveland High School. 

  • My son doesn’t attend Loveland Schools. Can he still play lacrosse for Loveland?

For our youth, LYL is the designated feeder program for the highly successful Loveland MS teams.  However, we welcome all youth players in Loveland & surrounding communities. 
Loveland MS lacrosse is heavily focused as preparation for JV and Varsity ball at Loveland High School.  While not a requirement, we strongly suggest and highly recommend your son participate in the MS program that serves his future high school.  For contact information for those programs, e-mail Tony Kruse, Director of Youth & MS Lacrosse at

  • What is Loveland Youth Lacrosse all about?

LYL has developed a reputation as one of the top youth lacrosse programs in Southern Ohio.  LYL players have gone on to roster numerous regional and state youth all-star teams, collecting multiple statewide awards, including All-Ohio Cup MVP.  Our program is heavily focused on building foundational lacrosse skills through consistent and planned instruction. We embrace teaching lacrosse versus coaching it. Our youth lacrosse teachers apply a curriculum-based approach to building core lacrosse skills.   By the end of the season, each player is expected to comprehend and master the core skills needed to be effective at the next level.  Players are placed on skill and age-appropriate teams, and games are maximized to allow players the opportunity to apply what they’ve learned.  Because of our unique structure, we can ensure players get equal playing time during games.  As a result of our heavy focus on fundamental skills, game day often produces positive winning results.


  • What is Loveland Middle School Lacrosse all about?

Our highly successful MS program welcomes new and experienced players at the MS level.  We offer two levels of play to serve both types of players.  MS lacrosse functions as the critical transition years from youth lacrosse (all players play, focus on teaching game) to HS lacrosse (best players play, focus on winning the game).  During the season, our MS coaches strive to balance skill level with playing time, and the need for competitive play on game day. 

  • When is the season?

Practice begins for all late February.  LYL games start early March and end by Mother's Day. MS games end late-May.

  • When are practices and games held?

LYL practices two to three times Monday through Saturday.  Games are held Sunday afternoons.  MS practices are held late afternoons after school, with games usually on Tuesdays, Thursdays or Saturdays.  

  • How do you place players on the different teams within each age group?

The coaches think like teachers when placing the players on teams. It’s not about who they’re friends with, or if they are second or third year players,
or even if they were on the more skilled team at a younger level and now being placed on the less-skilled team in the higher grade.
It’s about putting players in the best position to improve.
Just like the student that was in advanced math in one grade, but the next year was placed in regular math. It’s for a reason - to master the fundamentals so he’ll be ready to move to the next level. 
Of course we do make mistakes sometimes, and of course we’re open to discussing this at any time.  There is no “24-hour Rule” for our youth coaches.
If you’re concerned about the quality of coaches for our new and less-skilled players, remember that our most experienced coaches (former college players and high school coaches, etc.) work predominately with this group.   

  • What equipment will my son need?
  1. Stick - Please avoid sticks with hard mesh, and don’t spend a lot on a new stick, especially not for a new player. We highly recommend something with soft mesh, such as the Rocket by Brine (the cost is about $40, and it’s available at Dick’s Sporting Goods). It catches and throws well and is good for beginners and also advanced players. 
  2. Helmet -  A new costs about $100, while a used one about $50. Youth can use any color.
  3. Gloves
  4. Arm Pads
  5. Shoulder Pads - there are lots to choose from, just make sure they fit well.
  6. Cup – Required for all players at all times!
  7. Mouth Guard – Mandatory! Must be colored (not clear).  Please get the kind that attach, only get a few spares for game time.  If a player has lost his mouth guard, he can’t play. 
  8. Cleats – Football or soccer cleats are fine, no baseball cleats.

Whether you want to get new or used equipment is up to you. Kids grow quickly and you’ll find that they outgrow their equipment. “Play It Again Sports” usually has quality merchandise for 50-70% less than new. Sales staff is knowledgeable and helpful.
If you decide to buy new, please visit Dick’s (sponsors Loveland Lacrosse),  Velocity Lacrosse in West Chester, Celtic Lacrosse, or Laxland Lacrosse on Kennedy Avenue off 71 (if you go here, ask for Mark Howell and mention Loveland Lacrosse.) The last two stores have package deals with sticks, but can usually do a package without stick if you already have one. A full new package is usually less than $200.

  • Can my Youth player play other sports in the spring?

Of course!  While we encourage your player to attend as many practices & games as possible, there is no penalty for missing practice or games. The decision to have your son involved in multiple sports is left solely to the parents. Since our focus is teaching lacrosse versus winning games, we utilize game days as valuable 'teachable moments' in their lacrosse development.  This flexibility allows many boys currently involved in other spring sports to try lacrosse.  They experience the speed and action of the game so many of their friends are talking about.  Our rosters are filled with former recreational and select traditional spring sport players that ‘tried’ lacrosse for one season and are now hooked.  Both player and parent feel there’s just too much action in lacrosse to go back to standing around waiting for their turn or the ball to come their way.   There’s a reason why it’s called “The fastest game on two feet.”

  • Can my Middle Schooler play other sports in the spring?

Again, we leave the decision to the parents, but at the MS level missing practice or games becomes much more of a challenge.  Our MS coaches do a lot of teaching during practice, and missing sessions means missing opportunities to learn.  These missed opprtunities might lead to a reduction in playing time on game day and it’s only fair to let the player and parents understand that up front. However, we welcome any new or experienced player who signs up, and there are no restrictions on players being involved in other spring sports if they choose.  

  • What else can Loveland Lacrosse offer my son?

More than any other program in Southern Ohio, that’s for sure.  LYL & MS teams participate in a number of fun local tournaments in addition to our regular season.  Our annual spring kickoff meeting attracts nationally recognized guest speakers from across the world of lacrosse.  We also host a number of well-know local and national sports figures at our practices throughout the spring.  Recent speakers include the Head Coach of the men’s lacrosse team at Johns Hopkins, Dave Pietramala, coaches from the NFL, major college basketball coaches. We have also been visited by Major League Lacrosse players, and NCAA national championship Div. I and III lacrosse players and coaches.  Additionally, the Loveland High School boy’s varsity lacrosse head coach and captains meet with our MS players.  We offer camps in the month of June, as well as casual and fun-focused box lacrosse leagues in the summer and winter that attract players from across Southern Ohio.  We’re proud to note our summer lacrosse league is the largest in Southern Ohio.     

  • Where can I get more information or speak to someone about Youth  and MS lacrosse?

Navigate through our website for more information, or contact Tony Kruse, Director of Loveland Youth Lacrosse